Digital distribution service for band or label

the service provide to distribute your release in digital format with a direct download from our secure servers. This service is open to all bands, artists and label that make alternative and non conventional music, main features of this service:

  • This is a non-exclusive licence: the release can be distribuited in other sites or directly as you want .
  • 70% royalties ( paypal expense excluded) 
  • direct buy link generator to include it in your site, facebook or myspace page
  • twitter link generator
  • Facebook app ( beta test at this moment )
  • Free download link for radio and magazine

If you are interested that we distribute your release there are simply steps:

  • contact us and send a link where we can hear your music (to see if it is compatible to our genres distributed) 
  • to sign an agrement with us, register an online account as a vendor in our site. We will your receive information and activate your account
  • we will create a personal directory where you can upload music.

Now you're ready to start, if you want you can create your personal catalogue with your vendor account or we can create it and you use your vendor account only to check sells, downloads and send newsletter and promos.

That's all and you can start to sell and promote your music.